Saturday, February 9, 2013

Patterns within the game of life

Now that a new insight have been found, life seems to be easy now...
Questions that I have now answered:

Why do we look for patterns??
Patterns in life represent the "rules of game".
These rules express which actions will be punished, and which actions will bring benefits. They are expressed through structures which were created by past agents and historical forces.
You need to look for these patterns because they are different at each time (different from your elders' time), and in each cultural grouping (i.e. city/country).
Get your actions closer to these "rules" and you will invite benefits to yourself. To do this you need complete information, and to do the right thing at the right time (i.e. become a rational actor).
Act away from these rules, and you be be punished. And continue to be punished again and again.

Individuals have free will and so they can choose to act away from these rules. However, for expressing their "individuality" they will be punished, and continue to be punished for acting away from the rules. Most often the result is despair within the system, or an attempt to get out of system altogether (move to a different country?).
Is strength being able to continue to express your "individuallity" while continously being punished again and again by these structural forces? I don't think so.

As free-willed individuals, we can attempt to change the structures that govern these "rules of the game". But when we are young, it is close to impossible. Why? Because we don't fully understand the rules of the world (lack of life experience), and we have less power (financial, social connections and work experience). The only possible exception is those youth who have recieved social and financial power from their parents (social and cultural inheritance).

I would suggest that to be able to become stronger socially than you already are, to first shutup, say yes to everyone above you, work hard, save lots and follow the rules to recieve the benefits of the mainstream. After you have enough resources, and enough wisdom, then you can have the freedom to pursue what you want.

We can create our own history, but only when the strength of that historical power gets past a threshold can we truly be powerful enough to control our own destiny.
Strength to the loyalists. Drop your heads, and bow to the kings above us.

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