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Sweet Pick Up Lines To Chat Up Korean Women With Confidence!

Finally! Sweet pick up lines that were tested to help you and that beautiful Korean woman connect.

Not only that but you'll also discover HOW to make your own sweet pickup lines so that you can genuinely show YOUR charming side…no matter how wide that language barrier is!

Understand that the differences between getting a Korean woman and a Western woman to connect with you is exciting!

Korean women aren't supposed to talk to you (the stranger) at all.

You and her being from different worlds doesn't help!

Rest easy - you'll soon be making your successful pickup lines and will start conversations with that Korean woman who's beauty is screaming "Talk to me!"

Remember that these are meant to be said light-heartedly.

The goal is to get her to laugh at YOUR unique charm. You'll also make her curious about you and will thus want to keep talking.

Sweet Pick Up Lines That Work!

"Can you speak Korean?" My tried and true pick up line is
to question their nationality. Questioning hers will surprise her and make her curious as to why you're asking. It will also make those light-hearted Korean women laugh!

"Where is the (wherever you are currently)?" Are you in the subway when you see her? Then ask her where the subway is! Are you in a coffee shop? Ask her where the coffee shop is!

This will surprise her and give you an excuse to talk to her. It will also make her laugh some! When she tells you, thank her and pretend that she just saved your life! You can then ask her if she's the Korean Wonder Woman. ;-)

Situational And Sweet Pick Up Lines

sweet pick up lines for Korean women
Is she wearing a scarf that's covering her face? Ask her if she's Taliban!

Is she wearing a black and white outfit? Ask her if she's a fugitive!

Does she have light orange boots? Ask her if they glow in the dark!

Does she have a big purse? Ask her if that's her suit case and is she traveling!

Does she have a lot of shopping bags? Tell her she's rich!

"What if we have a language barrier?" Not a problem! Simply use your body language and basic English like "You. Taliban?" or "You. Prisoner?" You can even act out the part. Show your personality as you act out each role! ;-)

In any case the goal is to light-heartedly tease her. Tease her as if she were your little sister and you're in! Keep the language basic and the body language present and you'll be more than fine.

Make Your Own Sweet Pick Up Lines Now!

What if you want to make your own as opposed to using 'canned and contrived' pick up lines? I understand completely!

I recommend:

• coming up with ways to tease her like a little sister

• making little slap stick comments about hew appearance

but most importantly pick her up with a line that YOU find funny!

That's the magic in that initial conversation - doing something fun for you and sharing it with her.

Note: I recommend staying away from derogatory or chauvinistic humor.

Being a goofy clown doesn't help either.

Keep things light and playful as if she were your little sister and please use your common sense!

Corny Pick Up Lines Don't Work!

Ask anyone who is successful with women - Corny pickup lines aren't worth depending on.

Sure you'll give yourself a laugh. You'll win the battle but you'll lose the war. She might not even understand what you're talking about anyway. So why bother?

Ask yourself this question - do you want a pickup line that will get your ego pleased? Or that you will get you the girl?

What Comes After Sweet Pick Up Lines?

So you got her attention and she's laughing - what next?

This is where you bring out your best foot forward. For more on how to do that then take advantage of my Korean dating coaches to get you started on the right track. Click on the link for more.

You can discover what's holding you back from transforming into that confident Korean ladies' man you want to be. Simply click on the link for more information!

What You Must Know About Pickup Lines

Pick up lines only help get your foot into the door. They barely get you started. It's what comes afterwards that will ultimately make her decide to stick around or not.

In any case I wish you the best of luck because Korean women as their quick-to-laugh spirit make them among the funnest to pick up!

Again if you want more on what to say next then take advantage of my 1-on-1 Korean dating coaches to make sure you pick her up with YOUR personality.
Have fun! ;-)

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