Thursday, March 28, 2013

Korean Women Nude! Shocking Truth When Dating Korean Women!

Korean Women Nude!
Shocking Truth When
Dating Korean Women!

Discover how seeing Korean women nude can shock you!

Rest easy - it's not the same surprise you'd get in Thailand. There are no ladyboys in Korea (or are there?) ;-)
What IS revealed to you might either startle or amuse you.

In any case there are 3 things about dating Korean women that you should know about.

When it comes to seeing Korean women naked you'll find some culture differences when she

• is dressed

• undresses

• dresses up

Get ready for some funny facts that will leave you wondering if dating Korean women is for you!

It's a joke. You'll more likely find it charming and cute. In any case it's very "Korean." ;-)

How Korean Women Dress

When you look at how a Korean woman dresses and what she chooses to show it's easy to fall in love!

In general she'll wear a miniskirt (any time of the year) and high heels!

In fact it's very easy to love the mini skirt and leather boots combination.

The best part about it is that for some reason they have the bodies for it.

Korean women have amazing bodies with long legs in general. This is rare for an east Asian woman in my experience.

But they won't wear anything that will reveal their top!

For a Korean women to have a naked top it is socially unacceptable. This is very funny when you consider how short they're willing to wear their mini-skirts.

I'm talking "racy!" Especially in the winter time!

When She Dresses Again

Get ready for the ironical part. A Korean woman will get undressed as soon as you're in a private place (i.e. your home).

It can happen so quickly! The second you close and lock your door you'll find her naked with a smile. Yes this is the same conservative Korean woman who wouldn't hold your hand 2 minutes earlier.

On the other hand right after you finished having sex she'll run to the bathroom and will not want you to see her naked!

In fact she'll say that she's "shy"! No amount of prodding and telling her that "it's okay" and "there's no one else here" will convince her to stay naked. Not to mention get dressed with you present.

But didn't she just undress in the blink of an eye earlier?

Seeing Korean women nude after sex is rare for those dating more traditional Korean women. It's part of Korean culture.

Why The Cultural Difference?

My take on it is that seeing Korean women nude is very "dirty" and has no place in proper Korean society. For more on how Koreans view sex I recommend clicking on my link to Korean porn. Sorry there aren't any videos. ;-)

On the other hand get ready to discover what makes Korean sexuality so controversial.

You'll understand more of the Korean mindset and their general opinions on sex and being naked.

Have fun!

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