Monday, June 3, 2013

Discover When Touching Women in Korea Is A Must

Discover When Touching
Women in Korea Is A Must

Going on a date or meeting a Korean woman?

Wondering when touching women from Korea is appropriate?
Soon you'll discover when it's okay to get more physically intimate.
You'll also discover how to make it so that they're comfortable as well.
You see - they WANT you to touch them.
In fact the sooner you begin touching each other the better.
The best times for touching a Korean woman are when:
• social circumstance allow it
• you want to
• you're physically close
• she wants to
Once you know how to touch a woman in Korea then getting intimate with her becomes a lot smoother.

When Social Circumstances Allow It

A great time for touching women is when it's socially acceptable to do so.
For example are you being introduced to her? Then shake her hand! If you want you can even spin her for a little fun. ;-)
What about when you're taking a picture together or dancing classes?
The best time to touch her is when you have a great idea or want to say something interesting! You can touch her to get her attention because it's socially acceptable in that case.
The biggest mistake you can make is to look uncomfortable when touching her. If you can touch her comfortably then she'll feel comfortable with you.
The sooner you can make touching women instinctive and habitual the better off your dating life will be.

Touch Her When You Want To

Are you on a date with her and she said something you found funny? If you want to congratulate her then give her a high-five!
Sometimes Korean women do the cutest things and I want to hug them. So I do! I recommend doing the same when you want to.
If she asks you "what are you doing" tell her you just HAD to hug her. It's her fault for being so cute after all. That's a compliment and genuinely how you feel.
This is also important for YOU. Wanting to touch a woman is a natural desire. She also wants you to touch her too.
The problem is when it's too inappropriate without warranting it. This can be a problem.
For more on how to gradually start intimately touching her I recommend clicking on the link.

When You Get Close

If you're having coffee or a meal then I recommend sitting next to her. That way if you're close you can have it so that your legs are touching.
Also if you're sitting in a taxi or car close together I recommend putting your arm around her.
If she says don't touch me and you want to know how to handle that then click on the link.

When She Wants It

There will be times when a Korean woman WANTS you to touch her. It'll be subtle because Korean women are taught not to show sexual desire. But it'll be there.
If your Korean woman "accidentally" leans closer to you or puts her hand near yours it's no accident. Chances are she wants you to touch her.
After all - we all crave touch and she obviously feels comfortable enough around you. So I recommend touching her when you feel like she wants it.

The #1 Rule For Touching
Women When On Dates

If ever you're on a date with a woman and ask yourself:
"Should I touch her?"
Then I recommend touching her. Just be aware of what's socially appropriate and when. For more on what's appropriate intimate touching I recommend clicking on the link.
Have fun at your date and enjoy touching her.
If you do it right so will she! ;-)

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