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Why Use Sexual Body Language For Seducing Korean Women?

Why Use Sexual Body Language
For Seducing Korean Women?

The #1 tool you can use to seduce women is sexual body language.
It does more than break through the language barrier.
Knowing how to non-verbally communicate your sexual intent is powerful when done well.
Rest easy: Soon you'll discover why body language is powerful and how to use it successfully.
You'll soon be filtering through ladies who will waste your time more quickly.
You'll also be sexually communicating with the women who want to be seduced.

Sexual Body Language Communicates Your Sexuality

If you're comfortable with your sexuality and sexual desires then your body will show it.
It's not about being naked or wearing a few sexual ornaments. It's about poising yourself as a man who's comfortable with his sexual nature.
Think of Brad Pitt as a great example. His body language does more than show his sexuality.
It also shows that he's comfortable with it.
So is just having the right poise and look enough to seduce a woman? Not exactly.
You can make it more powerful in the right situations.

When Sexual Body Language Works Best

Have you ever had a woman do or say something that you really liked? This is the best time to use sexy body language.
The next time a Korean woman says or does something you enjoy I recommend telling in a sexy way that you like that she said (such n such).
At the same time give her a look like you just want to make love to her there and then.
It sets the frame that your sexuality is a reward for her good behavior. She will then associate your sexual intent with her good behavior. So it will become a reward for her.
Who doesn't like rewards? ;-)

How To Make Sexual Body Language More Effective

sexual body language The #1 mistake guys make is to either constantly show sexy body language or to not show any at all.
Doing the first thing makes those guys come across as perverts.
Doing the second thing makes them come across as 'nice guys who'd make good friends'.
To get the BEST results I recommend only displaying your sexual desires when she does or says something you like.
In addition to that you can mix it up with casual talk and showing some vulnerability.
That's when you show that you understand your human nature.

Show Your Vulnerable Side

Remember when you were a child? Think of a time when you had to admit that you teased your little sister or niece.
Let's go back to the example of expressing your sexual desire because she did something you liked.
I recommend following that up by then saying that it's just your opinion and that you know what you said was inappropriate.
I also recommend having showing a vulnerable side to you with your body language and facial expressions.

Note: Accepting that something is inappropriate shows social awareness. That's different than saying you're sorry for what you said. That shows embarrassment for your desires which is bad if you want a woman to see you as a sexual being.
For more on how to properly do sexual seductions click on the link.

Sexual Body Language Is Your Ultimate Seduction Tool!

A quick recap.
step 1 - she does or says something you like
step 2 - you display sexual intent with your body and face and tell her it's because of something she just said or did
step 3 - she acknowledges it and either blushes or gives you a 'pervert' look (which is just to protect herself from getting turned on. Think 'Princess Leia in Empire Strikes Back'.) Or she says 'thank you' which is what a mature woman would do
step 4 - you show your vulnerable side and tell her that it's just your opinion
step 5 - you return to casual talk and repeat later on
This combination is a powerful way to seduce with your bodylanguage.
For more tips on how to seduce women in Korea I recommend joining out Meet Korean Women Newsletter.
You'll discover more about Korean culture and how to start seducing Korean women.
Have fun! ;-)

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