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What Makes a Man Attractive To Korean Women?

What Makes a Man
Attractive To Korean Women?

Wondering what makes a man attractive to a korean woman?
First let's understand what makes men attractive to women in general.
After years of studying male-female attraction this is what I've discovered:
Women value a man's
• Maturity
• Masculinity
• Mindset
• Mission
Attractive men have been able to attract women by indirectly demonstrating these qualities. Showing that you have these 4 characteristics is as important as having them.
Remember what David Deangelo said: "Attraction is not a choice."

What Makes A Man Attractive?

what makes a man attractive to Korean women
Maturity Women are attracted to more mature men. Now this doesn't mean 'old' men…at least not physically.
It refers to their level of mental and emotional maturity.
Are you a man who cries at the first sign of stress?
Do you depend on your woman for emotional needs?
Do you let your ego get the better of you all the time?
Or do you control it?
Or can you stand on your own two feet? Are you responsible about your life and how you act? Do you find yourself able to cope with life's challenges and deserve to live a happy life?
More importantly: Are you a responsible man?
Masculinity A woman is naturally attracted to a masculine man. This doesn't mean growing a big beard and not showering.
It means knowing and accepting your desires as a man. You are attracted to women and make no excuses about it. A masculine man is an active player in life. When you want something you get it.
Are you? Masculinity is a core element of what makes a man attractive.
Mindset Do you take life too seriously or can you roll with the punches? Women are attracted to men who have a powerful and positive mindset.
Are you optimistic about the future? Or do you bring everyone down with doom and gloom? Would you be able to keep a clear and focused head when your world is crumbling?
Mission Every man has a mission that they must discover. A woman is attracted to a man on a mission. What are your life goals? Where are you going? What do you want to change about the world?
So now that you know what makes a man attractive? How can you display these traits? Do you just tell a woman?
Not at all! The best way is to implicitly display them!

Telltale Signs that Make a Man Attractive

What are some things you display your attractiveness?
Your actions - When you want something are you doing it? You want a Korean woman but are you even approaching her?
Your bodylanguage - Do you slouch like a submissive man? Or do you stand tall and erect like a dominant man?
Your body - Are you in good shape? Does your body show that you're in charge of it? How's your fashion?
Your voice - Do you speak with a voice of confidence? Or do you sound like you're whispering?
Your status - Do you have a leadership job? Are you on a job with a mission?
Your words - Do you talk about light and playful things? Or do you always talk about politics or religion?
For more on how to use humor to attract women from Korea I recommend clicking on the link.
These are some of the implicit ways to show what makes a man attractive.

Display These Traits To Attract Korean Women

Korean women are different than Western women. For one thing they aren't as mature or independent because of their collective upbringing.
That being said they are still attracted to a man with these traits no matter his ethnicity. For more on how to attract women from Korea simply click on the link.
'Attraction' can be your best tool to bring Korean women (or women in general) into your life.
Remember - 'attraction' is not a choice! ;-)

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