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Discover Why Codependency in Relationships in Korea is Normal!

Curious about codependency in relationships for Koreans?

It's very interesting because you won't see the clingy-ness at first.
Eventually you start understanding the dynamics behind why Korea is so confusing.

Soon you'll understand why you have young Koreans sing about 'Itaewon Freedom' only to be afraid of it.

Or maybe why your relationship with a Korean woman isn't going as planned.

In any case enlighten yourself about Korean relationship dynamics and why Koreans are so closed off.

Korean Parenting Forbids
Independence in Relationships

Korean parents invest a lot of money into their children's education. This is not so much for the education per se.

It's so that their children will go to the best universities to be with the right crowd. Eventually their children will grow up and are expected marry someone of equal or higher status.
codependency in relationships
So expecting the parents to WANT to give free choice to their daughters is too much for most.

Children also grow up knowing little else besides studying.

This keeps them dependent on their parents even in adulthood.

It also trains the children to depend on that salary job when they grow up.

Ever wondered why there are few famous entrepreneurs from Korea?

It's Expensive And Shameful To Live Alone

Real Estate is expensive in Korea. To buy or rent is demanding for your typical Korean person. That's because South Korea is a small "island"(the seas and North Korea isolate it) and Seoul is getting more and more crowded.

Most Koreans have to live together if they want to afford a place. Being able to live alone is something only few Koreans can do.

Not only that but being alone in Korean culture means not having any friends. For most Koreans 'being alone' is a bad thing. This is more so in relationships where couples are even supposed to dress the same!

Codependency in relationships is something that Koreans know only too well. To think and do for yourself is still a foreign custom for Koreans.

Korean Relationships Involve More People

Korean relationships don't just involve the couple. The couple's friends and family also have a vested interest. The friends' social standing (i.e. bragging rights) goes up if the Korean woman or man has a higher status partner. It also goes down if it's the contrary.

The same goes for the parents. Many of them see their daughters or sons as ways to increase their status. For the parents of the daughter they also expect a dowry.

Not only that but most parents pay for the Korean newly weds with strings attached.

So Korean couples are never "free". For them even today codependency in relationships is part of the deal.

What Codependency Can Mean For You

Korean men and women expect you to be more involved in their lives. Likewise for them.

So if you're in a serious relationship with a Korean woman expect to be texting her more often than you would a woman from your own country.

I'm talking a text a day minimum and she'll be okay with it. You're also expected to declare the relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend or more in the coming months.

This shocked me as I was used to just naturally flowing into more serious relationships (as opposed to officially declaring them.)

If you're into Korean men then expect HIM to text and invite you to things regularly. You can also expect to meet his friends and family because they'll want to get to know you.

In any case you might enjoy Korean's style of codependency in relationships.

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Have fun! ;-)

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