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Quick Long Distance Relationship Advice To Secure Your Korean Relationship

Needing solid long distance relationship advice is natural.

Especially when you're dating a Korean woman who's going back to her home country (or vice-versa).

Let's be frank: we both know that long distance relationships are extra challenging.

Does that mean that they're impossible?

Not at all!

In fact if your relationship meets the below 5 criteria chances are that it'll stick (and maybe become something more!)

They are

 • you're in the right stages of the relationship

 • your partner wants you more than the other way around

 • being realistically able to meet again (or get closer)

 • getting in touch regularly

 • not having said the most dangerous sentence

If your relationship passes these criteria then you're solid.

Criteria #1 - What Relationship
Stage Are You In?

The only way long distance relationship advice can help you is if you have some relationship tension.

This tension helps keep the relationship together.  It can either come from the early stage or the later stage.

in the early stage you're both experiencing lust and those loving feelings that draw people together.

In the later stages you're both comfortable with each other.  You also like each other enough to have chosen to stay as a couple.

If you're in these stages then your relationship with your Korean girlfriend has a solid chance. 

Note: For more on relationship stages then click on the link.

Criteria #2 - Your Partner Wants You More

If your partner wants you more then chances are that she'll pro-actively work on keeping you two together.  Her wanting you more also gives you the power to choose what happens to the relationship.

Since you're here reading my long distance relationship advice I'm assuming that you want the relationship to continue. :)

So it'll likely stay strong.

Criteria #3 - Will You Meet Again?

If she's going back to Korea and you're staying in your home country then that's very far.  Will you move to Korea? Does she have plans to come back to your country?

No long distance relationship advice can help if you'll be so far away.  Other influences will take over and if you want the relationship to stick then you'd better be close together again.

I'm talking in the next few months and maximum a year.

Criteria #4 - Are You Still in Touch?

Most long distance relationship advice mentions staying in touch.  I agree.  It's important that you stay an influence in her life.

It doesn't have to be everyday but it has to be regularly. 

Do understand that getting in touch on the phone or the net will  not work forever.  I recommend meeting in person as soon as possible.

Criteria #5 - Avoid Saying These 3 Words!

long distance relationship advice
If there's ANY long distance relationship advice I can give you this - don't ever say "I love you".

Yes this is contradictory to most advice you hear but here's why.

The only thing keeping you two together as far as she's concerned is the emotional tension.

As we speak she's having other guys meet her (or her friends and family are secretly setting her up on dates.)  The only thing that will keep her with you is her feelings for you.

If you say "I love you" you've basically cut the tension completely and it won't be long before she instinctively gets bored and dumps you.

So please don't say that sentence.

Now if SHE says it then it's good. That means her feelings for you are strong.  You can then just reply "I know"(like Han Solo) or "I love ME too!" ;-) 

When Long Distance
Relationships Work

Staying in a long distance relationship is challenging.  If yours is set up with these criteria then you have a solid chance of staying in it.

Understand that people are people and that when we move our circumstances change.  A Korean woman especially changes when she goes back to the "Korean bubble" (i.e. Korea).

Whatever happens promise her that you'll keep in touch.  She might come back or you to her and your feelings of bonding will strengthen again.

Good luck!

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