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101 Things to Do in Seoul – Huge Bucket List!

101 Things to Do in Seoul – Huge Bucket List!

Bucket lists are awesome. People create these lists to make sure they have a list of goals to accomplish. And when you travel to Seoul, it should be no different. So to get you started on your journey in Seoul, here’s a list of 101 things to do in Seoul that’ll help you get the best out of Seoul! 
Each item on this list is linked to more information, a picture, or example. Hope it helps!
Food and Drink
Cocktail Soju
1. Drink soju or makkeolli but in cocktail form
2. Buy makkeolli from the Hongdae makkeolli man (seen late night around Hongdae Children’s Park)
3. Drink beer and soju at a convenience store table
4. Learn to make kimchi
5. Drink coffee at Buamdong’s coffee street
6. Go to a makkeolli and jeon bar/restaurant on a rainy day
7. Pick a live fish and eat it 5 minutes later at Noryanjin Fish Market
8. Eat bindaetteok and mayak gimbap at Gwangjang Market
9. Eat super spicy food that have made people faint
10. Eat at a restaurant that’s been around for a hundred years
11. Get full off of tasting samples at a Korean supermarket (go around 7PM for the most selection)
Seonmae Tteokbokki Truck
12. This super spicy tteokbokki truck
13. Eat live octopus at noyrangjin market
14. Eat tteokbokki at tteokbokki town (or any other food at a “food town”)
15. Grill your own galbi at some famous galbi restaurants
16. Eat and drink at a pojangmacha (tent)
17. Get super refreshing naengmyun at a jjimjilbang (Korean dry spa)
18. Eat super healthy/delicious vegan food at a Buddhist temple
19. Eat ramyun at a convenience store like in a Korean drama
20. Eat raw beef (육회)
21. Get smashed just to see if Korean hangover cures really work
22. Buy a roasted chicken off the back of a truck
23. Get Korean style fried chicken delivery
24. Order in a Korean style pizza (with potatoes)
Icecream at convenience stores
25. Order meat at Majang Meat Market and eat it 10 mins later at a restaurant closeby
26. Try Korean street snacks – like hotteok or egg bread
27. Eat Korean ice cream
28. Drink Banana Milk
29. Drink some free milk coffee after a Korean meal
30. Go to a bar that’ll introduce some new Korean friends to you
31. Drink these drinks so you can drink all night without a hangover
32. Eat doo doo bread
Touristy Stuff
33. Stroll along Cheonggyecheon on a nice day
Old Seoul neighborhood
34. Take pictures with Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and King Sejong
35. Check out the museum underneath the King Sejong statue
36. Take a Picture with the Gyeongbokgung Guards
37. Visit an “old” neighborhood in Seoul
38. Take a tour of the President’s Residence, Cheonghwadae – the Blue House (reservations needed)
39. Try on a hanbok (do it for free at the Tourist Culture Centers – Myeongdong, Insadong, etc.)
40. Take a cable car up to N Seoul Tower
41. Go to an amusement park: Lotte World/Seoul Land
42. See the Han River Banpo Bridge rainbow show
43. Take a tour of the DMZ
44. Stay at a hanok guesthouse and sleep on heated floors, ondol
45. Buy traditional souvniers at Insadong
46. See the 5 Royal Palaces
47. Climb Bukhan Mountain
48. Go to a Han River Cafe
Dongdaemun Night Market
49. Have an all-night movie marathon at Dongdaemun
50. Go 1AM shopping at Dongdaemun street market
51. Watch street performances in Hongdae
52. Stay at a Buddhist Temple (try Haeinsa, one Korea’s most famous)
53. Hang out at dog, cat and sheep cafes!
54. Drink tea in a hanok
55. Get your fortune told (사주) by a Korean fortune teller (for some, need to know your time of birth)
56. Make Korean Friends while on your trip
57. Play board games at a board game cafe
58. Attend an e-sports tournament
59. Try on a dress at a dress cafe
60. Be mega entertained at a multibang
61. Watch a DVD at a DVD Room
62. Sleep at a jjimjilbang, put a towl on your head like Princess Leia

Study cafe
63. Go to a bath house and have someone scrub you down really hard (to get rid of dead skin)
64. Read a book at a really quiet study cafe
65. Go clubbing with college kids in Hongdae
66. Go clubbing with the pretty/handsome/rich in Cheongdam
67. Win some money at a Casino (foreign passports only)
68. Take sticker pictures with friends
69. Bike along the Han River
70. Get fishies to nibble your legs clean at Dr. Fish
71. Learn to cook some Korean food
72. Have a gimbap picnic at Han River Park
73. Go to a Korean baseball game
74. Watch old Korean men play Janggi and Baduk at Tapgol Park
75. Watch a 4D Movie
76. Go crazy and shop for Korean clothing brands at Myeongdong
77. Collect free cosmetics samples in Myeongdong just by walking in
Cute stuff to buy
78. Shop at the Hongdae Free Market for Indie Designers (Hongdae Children’s park, every Sat 1-6)
79. Buy a Starbucks Korea tumbler
80. Buy cheap clothes at underground shopping malls
81. Buy lots and lots of cute stuff
82. Find a sock truck and buy, buy, buy!
83. Buy mega cheap glasses
84. Bargain with street vendors
85. Buy couple shirts with your gf/bf (or just friend :) )
86. Buy the latest gadgets at Yongsan Electronics Market
87. Pay for a drink with a t-money card
88. Get yelled at while exchanging your money into Korean won
89. Write on the walls of a famous cafe/restaurant
90. Practice your Korean with a taxi driver
91. Work out on public exercise machines
Free phone calls in Korea
92. Make a free phone call using the subway’s smartphone for giants
93. Dance to 90′s Kpop music
94. Get treated by a traditional Korean doctor
95. Try some aegyo while in Korea
96. Learn a new phrase in Korean and say it in Korea!
97. Dance Gangnam Style in Gangnam
98. Sing so much at a noraebang you lose your voice
99. “Hack” some free wifi
100. Aegyo your way to some free stuff
101. Take a Picture with your homeboy Keith ;)
If you’re a blogger, feel free to use anything on this list for your own bucket list! (We’d love it if you could link us ;) ).
What else would you add to this list? Write a comment so that others can add your ideas to their own bucket list!

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