Friday, April 12, 2013

Internal World Vs External World

The "pains" and "hurts" of being an introvert is not because I am an introvert.
It's because I was an extrovert, who thought he was an introvert, and recieving "pain" because I was not in the external world where I was supposed to be. The internal world was where I stayed, but in fact I should have gone out to the external world and fulfilled my destiny.

The external world is what reality is. It's where real objects exist, where we can touch and feel the rought texture of grass, sand, stone, water and rain.
The internal world is imaginary. It can be whatever we want, and so sucks us in. It is like a black hole where all our actions are directed but we never get anywhere. This is because the world where we inhabited is inside our minds, and inside the minds of the mass conscious. We can pretend that there exists witches, wizards, knights of past, vampires, swordsmen, magical creatures and magic spells. We can travel to the past and the prehistoric. We can travel to other parts of the world, to Asia, to Europe, and can even fly high in the skies like a bird with wings.
But this world, the world we create inside our minds, is not real. Though it is as real as we want it to be.
Where we spend our time: in the internal or the external is what makes our world.
Spending nights and days inside the life of books, of games and of a collective consciousness means that our reality is not the outside world we can touch; but the world of the imaginary.

This is good. We can imagine whatever we want and be happy. But it is also bad. The external world is the true reality where things really matter.
We can play games, and read books entering worlds never heard before; but our health will deteriote, as well as our relationships with work, career, and family. Which is more real?

Language is beautiful. Language is what creates imaginary worlds. However, man must exist out in the external. Out in the dangerous world where we get hurt, and bleed, and cry, and kill.
We must go out, and becomes masters of the external world, where everything real starts and ends.
That is what destiny is called.

Socialistion is a problem. A problem for parents as well as children.
We have a choice. A choice to decide what our children do, and thus become.
But too many parents make mistakes. They give children the indepenence to do whatever they want. If they want to play games, go ahead. If they want to stay inside or read books, then go ahead.
That is not parenting, that is being invisible; why even exist if you will not parent your children?
An anxious attachment begins. They begin to miss and crave human relations. Why aren't people around? Why is it just me in an imaginary world? That's when the hurt begins; the hurt of being an extrovert trapped in an introvert's world.

In the world of internal, we can make whatever we want and decide whatever we want.
In the world of external, we are not the only creators. The world is full of a mixture of causes and reactions, results stemming from a boiling pot of human interaction. We must be flexible, we must be adaptable, we must change as our external world changes.

So too many children are sucked in by the black hole of imagination.
They are trapped in an imagainary play pen of safety and static in-reality.
They are not living, they are merely trapped within a false world of make-belief.
This is where we need to get out; pull them out of the darkness of the mind.

She thinks the same. An introvert wishing to push into her own world of make-belief.
But the reality is, that the external world dictates us and dictates our thoughts.
Our imagination is only as strong as ourselves.
And when the link between the external world and ourselves becomes distraughted by our neglect, we ourselves become weak, darkening our own inner worlds.

What really matters is the external world and how it affects us. She doesn't even know, but I must crack open her mind. I must show her the way, model how to live in reality, and not in imagined falsehood.
Effects go from external to interal, and so that is the way I will work.
To win is not to be alone in a darkened room; but to spread one's wings in the blue sky that blows wind in our face.

The internal world may be more flexible and easier to create and re-create.
But the same can be done of the external world.
It is a reflection of that internal world, but with an extra layer of complexity.
That is why we're scared.  Scared of complexity and change.
But it's too simple. The more you do, the more you like, the hungrier you become, and the better you become.

So why lay still in the darkness? Just go out to the light and play.
Play around with the rules of the game; understand what makes the world tick, and live in the outside.
That's is what we are supposed to do, and to believe.
I start today.

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