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How To Talk To Girls From Korea With Confidence!

Wondering how to talk to girls from Korea?

Sick and tired of not knowing what to say when face to face with that beautiful Korean woman?

When you're meeting a Korean woman that you want to date: how do you keep her engaged to ask for her number?

It starts with knowing the 7 ingredients that make ANY normal conversation magical.
You're already using some of them but you lose the girl because of what you're NOT addressing!

Ideally you want to have a combination of:

• spiking her emotions

• qualifying her

• sharing your vulnerabilities

• sharing your stories

• showing your sexual interest

• checking out logistics

• mapping out the future

Once you can interact with a Korean woman with a mastery of these 7 characteristics you'll be able to talk to a Korean woman (or any woman) with confidence!

How To Talk To Girls Part 1
Spike Her Emotions

tart your conversation powerfully by changing how she feels as soon as she meets you. Before you talk to her she's probably in a bored state of mind. That's where you can spark her emotions!

How do you do that?

If you're a gorgeous man then just saying 'hi' will be enough. ;-) Otherwise simply make her laugh.

Tell her a little joke. Show her a little magic trick. Whatever it takes to get a rise out of her.

Being able to make a Korean woman (or any woman) laugh is gold! Korean women enjoy slapstick humor. Kids' jokes will work as well for you as they have for me.

Why not use the kids' jokes you love? How about using some sweet pick up lines? Read more by clicking on the link!

How To Talk To Girls #2
Make Her Feel Qualified!

This is where you let her know exactly why you're talking to her.
More so than that - it's to let her know why you want to take the relationship further.

Is it just because of her body? That's not enough.

Do you enjoy how quickly she laughs?

Or how about how she speaks your language and knows your country?

Maybe it's the fact that she's confident enough to talk to a foreigner in another language.

Whatever it is I recommend that you like about her and that it's genuine. Most importantly is that what you like about her has nothing to do with her looks (at least not at first.)

How To Talk To Girls #3
Share Your Vulnerabilities

Most women (and Korean women too) are afraid of being duped. This can happen if they feel like you're being too smooth.

I recommend sharing some vulnerabilities to make her feel more comfortable. Tell her how you're afraid of the dark (and that she should stay with you at night to comfort you!) ;-)

Share with her how you felt intimidated and alone when you first went to another country.

Not only does it make you feel good about the conversation you're also letting her share her vulnerabilities with you.

How To Talk To Girls #4
Share Your Stories

In addition to sharing your vulnerabilities how about telling her some stories in your life? It gives some depth to your interaction and helps you both connect.

Is she talking about how she's going to a family dinner? Tell her about that one time you saw your family for Christmas and you were very happy to see your sister after so long.

Does she exercise? Tell her how you trained for a marathon once but stopped because you were lazy.

Sharing stories makes her feel like she's getting to know you as a person. She'll also share hers and as you both discover each other - magic happens.

Keep them simple and you don't even need to speak Korean for that magic to come!

How To Talk To Girls #5
Show Sexual Interest

This one can be tricky. I recommend understanding that showing your sexual interest towards her is different from telling her how horny you are.

You are sexually interested because of who she is (qualification and her stories.) You just-so-happen to find her body attractive too. In fact if she likes you and feels qualified then she'll be happy that you like her body.

I recommend being very subtle with this at first. Once you're in an isolated environment you can show more sexual interest.  In fact I recommend learning about how body language for dating can help you.

Start by giving her a sexual glance, looking at her and appreciating her body with your eyes. If you're both comfortable with each other you can even touch her hair and hands. Tell her how you like how they feel.

Remember - subtlety wins! ;-)

How To Talk To Girls #6
Check Out Logistics

So you're both loving each other's company and you want to set a date. Sadly she's leaving the country the next day. Or maybe you both live far away. Maybe she already has a boyfriend whom she's in love with.

Whatever the reason making sure that you know the logistics can save you from disappointment and heart-break...the same heart-break that I've been through time and again because I didn't do my logistical homework.

If the logistics aren't looking good (she lives to far or has a fiance) then maybe it's a good idea to leave the interaction.

That way you can avoid the frustration from trying to date someone who's not available.

How To Talk To Girls #7
Talk About The Future

When I mention 'talking about the future' I don't mean seriously discussing marriage or anything like that.

Instead I recommend simply talking about future plans for a date or things you can do together.

Did you tell her about that great restaurant?

Tell her that you can 'introduce' (Koreans love that concept) her to it…if she's a good girl! ;-)

Do you like snowboarding and she's never done it? Maybe you can introduce her to that too!

I recommend keeping the future-talk light and playful. You can even make jokes. For example you can tell her how you will both fly the world together and solve mysteries…because you make a great team! ;-)

Final Thoughts on How To
Talk To Girls From Korea

Know how to talk to women and you'll have fun forever. Once you can weave conversations with these elements you'll confidently attract women with your personality.

There's nothing like feeling the magic that comes from a unique conversation…especially if it's with a beautiful Korean woman! Once you're confident in those abilities will you be able to interact past the uncomfortable silences with ease.

And most importantly: Always escalate the interaction! ;-)

Want a solid plan on how to chat up Korean women for dating? I recommend getting a copy of my Date Korean Women E-book. Click on the link for more!

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