Saturday, April 27, 2013

Body language And Dating Korean Women

Even though we know that 'love' knows no language - we have to admit that it's not easy.
While dating Korean ladies whose culture is very different - body language is the key to expressing your love or feeling to your new date.
While interacting with people we always try to find syncs between the wods and the body movement of the other person. 
When it comes to dating - body language can be even more telling.

Due to cultural differences, the body language of two people differs a lot.
If you’re new to Asian culture, then you should start meeting Asian people and learn how they talk and how they express their feelings, before dating someone. 

Please follow these five tips to impress Asian ladies: 

Gentle smile: You need to have a gentle and positive smile on your face while talking to an Asian girl. Take caution to not smile too widely or to smile too much at whatever your partner says.
Because most of the time these work as strong repellents and may make your date think that you’re over-anxious.

Greet her appropriately:  Unlike in western culture, Asians bow down to greet instead of shaking hands. Never try to shake hands with Asian gals unless they are interested.
Also while shaking hands; your grip must be firm and confident. Stand before her like you deserve her and you’re better than anyone around.

Maintain eye contact: Maintain good eye contact with your date and don’t allow your eyes to wander while talking.
If you stare at others, then it gives a message that you’re not interested. That’s when you’ll almost kill the situation.

Gesture softly, or with your eyes: Don’t mistake a date as a corporate meeting, when you would be inclined to make bold hand gestures.
Such gestures are not necessary on dates, particularly early on in the relationship. And do not hold something in front of your body, because that may give a signal that you want space.
If you want to show her something from afar, then signal through your eyes instead of your hands.

Talk less, listen more: You need to have an active listener who talks less, but not very much less. Listen to what you possible partner says and give a nod from time to time, to indicate that you are listening.
Korean ladies like to talk a lot and they expect you to listen and respond well. If your date is still learning English, speak slowly, so that she can understand what you’re saying.

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