Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cultural Capital:

Cultural Capital:

Go to the Opera
Listen to Jazz
Go to the theatre
Go to museums/galleries
Listen to classical music
Do arts and crafts
Watch dance or ballet

Listen to hip-hop/rap
Listen to rock/indie
Watch sports
Exercise/go to the gym
Use facebook/twitter

  • Elite

    Percentage of population 6%
    Average age 57
    This is the wealthiest and most privileged group in the UK:
    • They are the UK's biggest earners
    • They score highest for social, cultural and economic factors
    • Many went to private school and elite universities - 24% of people in this group were privately educated, far more than in any other class group
    • This class is most likely to be found in London and the home counties
    • This group is exclusive and very hard to join, most come from very privileged backgrounds
    • 97% of people in this group own their own home

  • Established middle class

    Percentage of population 25%
    Average age 46
    This is the most gregarious and the second wealthiest of all the class groups:
    • People in this group enjoy a diverse range of cultural activities
    • They socialise with a broad range of people
    • Many work in management or the traditional professions
    • Most come from middle class backgrounds
    • They often live outside urban areas

  • Technical middle class

    Percentage of population 6%
    Average age 52
    This is a small, distinctive and prosperous new class group:
    • People in this group tend to mix socially with people similar to themselves
    • They prefer emerging culture, such as using social media, to highbrow culture such as listening to classical music
    • Many people in this group work in research, science and technical occupations
    • They tend to live in suburban locations, often in the south east of England
    • They come from largely middle class backgrounds
  • Emergent service workers

    Percentage of population 19%
    Average age 34
    This class group is financially insecure with low scores for savings and house value, but high for social and cultural factors:
    • This is the youngest of all the class groups
    • People in this group have the highest score for emerging culture, which includes going to gigs, using social media and playing sport
    • They are an urban group, living in inexpensive locations in large cities like Liverpool and Newcastle
    • They socialise with a broad range of people
    • Jobs in this group include chefs, nursing auxiliaries and production assistants

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