Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 Negative Body Language Signs When Dating Korean Women!

5 Negative Body Language Signs
When Dating Korean Women!

Do your dates with Korean women go nowhere?
What if her negative body language could give away what's going wrong?
Or even more - How do you know that she's really interested in you?
What can you do to turn your date around if you spot them?
Rest easy - below you'll discover the most common negative signs.
You'll also get practical tips on how to bypass them for your dates to work out!
Granted if you get this first sign then it might be over before it even began. ;-)
If you've ever hung out with Koreans or met a Korean woman you might have seen this one.
Personally I think it's charming!

Negative Body Language #1 - The Infamous 'X'

If you're ever starting conversation or escalating the interaction with a Korean woman she might cross her hands to make an 'X'.
This means that she's not interested and doesn't want to talk to you.
What can you do? When you get this sign you can high-five both of her hands. This might get her to laugh and find you charming for being able to work around her blocking you.
I've had times where doing this got that attractive woman from Korea to re-consider talking with me.
After all you do attract her some with your improvisation skill. ;-)

Negative Body Language #2 - Looking Away

negative body language If ever you're in a conversation with a woman and she's looking away then that's a bad sign.
Maybe she's looking for someone or she's bored.
In any case it's not good news for you.
What can you do? I recommend tapping her arm or the table slightly to regain her focus.
From there I recommend picking another topic quickly to get her talking to you.
If you're out of ideas you can always ask her to tell you a joke (or vice versa.) You can ask her
"Why was 6 afraid of 7?""Because 7 ate 9!" ;-)
This is corny but funny joke and it will get her attention again.
I works for my friends and I.
If you tell her a joke and she's still looking away then chances are she's waiting for someone or has a meeting later. You can ask her who she's waiting for or what her schedule is like to get a better idea.

Negative Body Language #3 - Crossed Arms

If a woman is crossing her arms then it means she's either not comfortable or doesn't want to talk to you at all (she's just being polite.)
What can you do? In this case I recommend trying to find something interesting or funny to talk about. You can use the little joke above or ask her questions about her life (family, dreams, etc.)
You can also make yourself look and feel more comfortable so that she can start to do the same. It's the same thing you would do with a nervous child. Make yourself comfortable first and the child will follow suit.

Negative Body Language #4 - Touching Fingers

When a woman is caressing her fingers it means that she's re-assuring herself. In other words she's not comfortable or is nervous around you.
What can you do? I'd recommend being aware of this and following the advice above.

Negative Body Language #5 - Tapping

If you're talking with her and she starts to either tap with her fingers or her feet then she's getting impatient.
This could mean two things: Either she's waiting for your date (or interaction) to finish or she's getting bored because you're not making a move.
In this case I recommend assuming that it's the second case. You can bring more intimacy to the interaction by taking her somewhere else. Is there an ice cream store nearby? How about going there?
You can also up the ante and make the interaction more personal. Does she know you like her? How can you be sure?

Definitely Not Keen If There's No Positive Body Language

Granted - the ultimate way to know that she's not interested is if she's not showing any positive body language! For 3 basic body language signs that shows that she's interested I recommend clicking on the link.

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