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When Korean Gifts Matter For Your Korean Girlfriend!

When Korean Gifts Matter
For Your Korean Girlfriend!

Gift giving is always fun.

There are times in Korea where giving Korean gifts to your girlfriend or date is impressive.

As a foreigner most Koreans don't expect you to know their couple gift-giving traditions.

Soon you'll discover which days you can expect to give Korean presents.

You'll also be surprised at which day you can expect them too!

So make sure you mark these days on your calendar.

Or if you're in Korea just pay attention to all the chocolate promotions happening at your local convenient store. ;-)

Chocolate on 'White Day'

korean gifts
'White day' is a special day for couples in March. 
It happens every March 14th. 
You're expected to bring your Korean girlfriend chocolates.

It's the Korean 'Valentine's day' but instead of it being in February they have it in March. 

Peppero Sticks on 'Peppero Day'

This is a funny holiday.  On November 11th you're supposed to give peppero sticks as Korean gifts to your friends.  The reason why it's on November 11th is because Pepperos look like sticks.  Well so does 11/11 (i.e. November 11th.)

You're also expected to give an extra big peppero chocolate to your Korean girlfriend.  She'll be doing the same for you too…maybe even more.

No it's not what you're thinking. ;-)

One friend of mine got a giant peppero doll from his Korean girlfriend.


Why do Koreans celebrate it?

I'm not sure.  I think that some smart marketers were able to wield this day into a peppero-selling day.  I hope they got a good bonus check because the whole country buys peppero every year on that day. ;-)

A Romantic Gift on Christmas Day

For Koreans Christmas is more of a couple's day rather than a family holiday.  She'll expect a Korean gift from you other than chocolate.  In my case I gave a cute puppy doll for Christmas. 

You're also expected to spend the day with your girlfriend.  It's a different culture.

So far it's all been about giving Korean gifts to your girlfriend.  Is there any time when YOU get some chocolate? 

You bet there is!

Ask For 'Chocolate' on Saint Valentine's Day!

On Saint Valentines day your Korean girlfriend is expected to give YOU chocolate.  It's still on February 14th for Koreans too. 

Only expect her to get you chocolate.  Don't let her con you into buying her Korean gifts. Don't let her fool you into saying how you have to respect YOUR Valentine's day.

Remind her that she gets 'White day'. ;-) 

So enjoy and tease her about how you want the most expensive Korean chocolate in the market (with a brand name of course.)

Have Fun Giving Out Gifts!

All in all gift-giving is always fun.  Handing our presents because you care is nice.

These days more and more Korean girls aren't caring about the price tag of the gift either.   This is very different from just ten years ago. 

So if you don't have the money then putting thought and effort in the gift makes up for it.

Consider yourself lucky by the way! My first Korean girlfriend 5 years ago was disappointed when I gave her a poem I wrote for Christmas day.  She was expecting a Gucci bag. ;-)

Ahh how times have changed.

For more on learning Korean culture to leave your Korean girlfriend impressed then click on the link!

Have fun! ;-)

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