Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are Korean Wives REALLY Like This?

Are Korean Wives REALLY Like This?

"Are Korean wives easy to find?"
"Aren't Korean women the same as Chinese or Japanese?"
"Doesn't a Korean wife love her husband most of all?"

I've heard a lot of things about Korean women that just aren't true!  Worse is when I see foreigners meet these women only to have their faulty assumptions embarrass everyone!

So I'm going to talk about the top 5 myths about wives from Korea that will clear your head about what's really happening!

"Are These Stories True?"

Myth #1: Korean women are all the same because of their homogenous culture.

That's not true - or at least not anymore.  These days many Korean women are forsaking marriage to pursue a career.  Not only that but some Korean wives are expecting their husband to loosen his grip in the marriage.  This is a radical change from how a typical Korean wife was just ten years ago.

Myth #2: Korean wives want the passport to go the West!

Maybe this was the case twenty years ago but it's not anymore.  In fact Korean women are encouraged NOT to marry a foreigner at all.  They would prefer to live in  Korea and are not going to marry you to "escape Korea's poverty" (in general.)
korean wives
Myth #3: Korean women prefer white men.

Although being white and Western culture is favorable in Korea, most Korean women couldn't care less about you being white (unless it's a fetish!) ;-) 


Because in their minds foreigners can't understand their culture  and probably think that they're easy.  Not to mention Korea's perspective of the West as being the 'oppressor'.

Myth #4: Korean women are quiet, smile and are subservient.

Maybe Japanese women are (and that's if they smile) but not Korean women.  Although the typical Korean woman will laugh easily she will speak her mind.

Sure she'll whine about it but she'll say something. She's also willing to be submissive but not subservient. If you do a poor job leading the relationship she'll rebel and maybe even bail.

And last but not least…

Myth #5: Korean women are easy.

Maybe for some of us they're "easy" to bed and marry.  In general Korean women will not marry you because you're a foreigner.  In reality marrying a foreigner is still a taboo in Korea.

So 'no' they're not "easy".

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