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Fun Flirting Body Language For Meeting Korean Women!

Fun Flirting Body Language For Meeting Korean Women!

Bypassing the language barriers is always helpful.

Thankfully Koreans also have some flirting body language that is easier to learn.

It's also fun to do!

I've also given you some suggestions of when to use them.

That way you can flirt with her as you tease her as if she was your little niece.

They will make you both have a good time. She'll also be impressed that you know these.

So have fun with them!

Flirting Body Language When First Meeting

These are some fun body language tips you can use when you're just meeting a Korean woman. If someone's introducing you or if you just want to impress her you can do these. The are also some worth understanding for your own sake!

If she shakes her head. It looks like she's saying 'no' but in reality it's a way to say 'hello'. It shocked me the first time I saw this because I thought it meant "I don't want to see you."
It took me a while to notice.

The Short bow. When you're first meeting someone you can do a short bow with your head. It's almost as if you're nodding. This is how Koreans bow when they first meet casually. You can then add some flirting charm with this next one!

If she puts her hands at her chest level and waves. After a short bow of your head you do this. It's how Korean girls casually great each other. Doing this will make her feel more comfortable with talking with you. They don't shake hands or bow profusely like the Japanese.

Fun Body Language To Do When Interacting

You can do these when you're first talking to her. These are great ways to tease her and understand what she's doing.

Head tilt and puffing the face. This means that she's thinking very intently. You can ask her a question and when she does that face you can poke her cheek. Surprise!

Putting your index and thumb on your chin. This means that you're cool or good-looking. You can do this whenever she compliments you on something. It's a cute little joke and fun flirting body language.

Raising your index finger like you're saying 'one'. This means 'the best'. Basically it's like you're number 1. So when she compliments you you can raise your index finger and smile. She'll understand that and laugh!
Turning your hand and having your index and thumb touch. If she does this then it means 'money'. So if she wants to hang out you can do that to show that you're expensive. ;-)

Putting your hands above your head to make an 'O'. This means 'yes' in Korean body language but most people don't do it.
flirting body language
Crossing your hands at your chest level.

This means 'no'.

If you get that it means she's not interested.

You can also do the same.

Doing the 'victory' sign and smiling.

Koreans usually do this when they're about to take a picture.

If you're going to take a picture with her you can also say "Kimchi"!

Flirting Body Language For More Intimacy

Extending your pinky. When someone does that it means that they're going to make a promise. You're supposed to wrap your pinkies around and then press your thumbs together. It's a fun way to keep secrets with each other. You can tell her something and make a pinky-promise.

Putting your hands above your head to make a heart. This is to say "I love you" in a cutesy way. You can also put your arm up and have her do the same from the other side. That way you both put your arms together to make a heart. This is fun to do in pictures.

Enjoy This Flirting Body Language!

Knowing some Korean flirting body language is fun. It sets you apart as someone who knows some Korean pop culture.

If you use these in your interactions with Korean women you'll go further than most foreign guys. Who knows? If you're like me you'll end up making some of these mannerisms a part of you.

You might even come to fall in love with them.

I know I did! ;-)

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