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Guarantee Your Korean Marriage!

Guarantee Your Korean Marriage!

Dating Korean women with the hopes of a Korean marriage and wedding? 
Korean women are different and only by demonstrating the correct traits can you be successful.

For something as everlasting as a marriage there are many challenges:

Korean ladies are more practical than Western women and are marrying for the family as well as themselves.

Foreigners also have the wrong reputation when it comes to marrying.

Also if you do get married - how can she rest assured that you're the right man for her?

How can you can you console her that everything will be alright?

She'll put you through a lot of hoops but that's because once you're married - she'll treat you with the respect and loyalty you deserve.

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Check out my controversial video on Korean marriage instead if you'd prefer. 

Attention! Korean Wives Seek Solid Providers!

Unlike Western women who'd seek someone more exciting to marry - a Korean woman would not.  This is because a married Korean woman strongly depends on her husband for

 • finances

 • stability

 • reputation/status

More so than a Western woman would. A Western woman can build her own life and grow up not needing and taught not to need a man in her life as much.

How can you demonstrate these traits if you want a Korean marriage?

If you're dating Korean women you can demonstrate your ability to satisfy these needs by going about it with your

 • stories

 • actions

 • reactions

Discover how to make her happy as you show yourself off as a solid candidate to be her husband.

Show That You Can Take
Care of Her Financially

During the date you can tell stories about how you wanted to buy a Christmas gift for your mother that would make her happy.  You can also talk about how you helped your sister financially once because you love your sister.

I recommend to never talk about how much money you have or how you can take of her.  Even if this is true you'll come across as arrogant and will put her off.  I recommend being 'subtle' and 'indirect'.

In this case you're 'indirectly' showing how you take care of your loved ones financially.  She'll pick up on it and will more likely feel like you'll take care of her in your Korean marriage.

You can pay for everything you do together.  If dating is too much of  a burden financially then either go to cheaper but exciting places (eg: Instead of a 5-star restaurant take her to a nice little taco stand) or make cooking dates. 

In any case I recommend making sure that money is never a problem during the date.  If she offers to pay - let her do it. She has her reasons for wanting to help out financially as well.

If you do have the money then you can also do nice things for her like

 • buy her a gift

 • pay for a taxi to take her home

 • take her to vip seats at a play

Through these actions she'll feel like she can depend on you which would make you a great candidate for a Korean marriage.  On the other hand doing things TOO extravagantly will make her feel insecure about her worthiness and she might turn you down.

It's a balancing act but once you find your center she'll love being with you.

This is important.  A Korean woman will test to see how devoted you are to her by watching your reactions.

So if for example she tells you how you should both get drinks at a bar but she didn't bring her purse - she's seeing if you paying for her drink will bother you.

She does this to see if she can feel safe with you. 

Show That You're Stable

A Korean woman wants to be in a Korean marriage with a stable and reliable husband.

Korean women know that as they get older they become less attractive.  How can she be sure that you'll stay with her in the later years of your Korean marriage?

I recommend sharing stories of how you don't abandon those you love.  For example you can talk about how you miss your mother and call her regularly and plan on taking care of her in her old age.

If you're going to talk about how you'll never abandon her I recommend talking about specific situations.

For example If your date sneezes or coughs you can joke that she's sick.  Then you can tell her not to worry because you'll nurse her back into health. ;-)

Korean women will expect you to do all the work.  When it comes to escalating the interaction she'll want you to put all the effort. This tests your commitment and resolve to be with her (which makes her feel safe.)

Even in the bedroom or as you're getting closer to it.  She'll both expect you to make advances AND yet she'll resist those advances.

She'll do this even if she wants you to take her there and then.

This is because she wants to keep her emotions checked and again see how hard you're willing to work for her.

This might shock you at first.  She won't respond to calls and might even not show up on dates.  Some Korean women do this deliberately to test how serious you are. 

My take is that if you really like her then play her little game and keep trying to meet her.

Again this is just for her to test how serious you are about her. 

Protect Her Reputation 

korean marriage
A Korean marriage is a big step for any Korean woman.

More so than for a man. 

In Korean society a divorced Korean woman has a horrible reputation and no status.

 If your marriage doesn't work out she will be stigmatized for as long as she lives in Korea.

This is a real fear for her.

Not only that but marrying a foreigner is still taboo. Will her parents approve?

I hear that parents are either okay with interracial marriage or against it.

Very few parents are lukewarm about it.

Will you be willing to make it work?

Foreigners also have the reputation of leaving and not being bound by Korean culture.  She's afraid that you'll also match the stereotype.

So what can you do?

I recommend telling stories about how your parents (or the parents of someone you know) are still together and how you admire that.  I also recommend telling stories about future things you both can do together - either on dates or afterwards.

You can even joke about where the honeymoon would be! ;-)

I recommend meeting her family if you're serious.  That is a big step and her parents would love to meet you as well.  You can also learn some Korean and Korean culture (get ready to drink!)

For more on Korean culture that will impress everyone click on the link.

She will throw fits and cry.  When these happen I recommend being patient with her (as if she were your daughter) and hugging her if she's crying. This will make her feel safe in your arms and more willing to trust you with a life in marriage.

Remember...with a Korean woman it's about accepting her insecurities and being with her no matter what.  This is what she consciously or unconsciously looks for.

Korean Marriage Defined!

For Koreans marriage is still very sacred and practical.

If you want a more traditional style marriage where the woman follows your lead and the family bond is stronger then you won't be disappointed with a Korean woman.

Demonstrate your value as a provider and a reliable man and your Korean date will be more willing to be your Korean wife.

More on what to expect from a Korean wife by clicking on the link.

Best of luck! ;-)

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