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Sexual Seduction Tips To Make Your Korean Girlfriend Want You...

Sexual Seduction Tips To Make
Your Korean Girlfriend Want You...

Sexual seduction - Discover how to be good in bed and
make your Korean girlfriend stay!

Sexual seduction is amazing for any woman.

But for a Korean woman it's even more amazing!


Because chances are (and I'll be blunt) that she doesn't know what a good time in bed is REALLY like.

Korean society is very focused on academics and family.

So much so that most Koreans either don't know what a good time in bed is or just don't care enough.

So why not be HER exception?

Why not be the man to give it to her?

If you can sexually seduce a Korean woman she'll remember you forever and will definitely stick around.

So what can you do NOW to be better in bed with your Korean girlfriend?

You can

• get her to climax

• try new things in bed

• apply sexual seduction OUTSIDE of the bedroom

• make sure she says 'thank you'

Believe me when I say that if you're good in bed your Korean girlfriend will treasure you forever.

Sexual Seduction Skill #1 - Get Her Climaxing With You

The only time I'll accept it if someone says that a Korean woman is like a woman from anywhere is when we're talking about her anatomy.

It's important to find her #1 sensual spot and play with it. That magic spot is between her legs. To learn more about how to give an orgasm massage then click on the link.

Most men in her life have probably never found it. She has probably never experienced it. Make it happen and she'll be forever grateful.

Now the next time you're in bed with a woman I don't recommend making her feel like the only thing you care about is to get her to orgasm. It works better if you make it part of your overall sexual skills.

In fact sometimes for me I don't do it to keep her remembering that it's about us getting deeply intimate and not the orgasms. You see it's not just a question of doing it all the time. It's a question 'can you do it' to her and doing it when YOU want to.
That question is what get her madly into you! If you want the skills to guarantee this I recommend checking out RedpoleQ's 'Art & Science of Sex' Seminar. You can check out the schedule when he's in Seoul by clicking on the link. I took that seminar back in 2007 and it has allowed myself (and my girlfriends) to live happier sex lives.

So what else can you do to make sexual seduction a tool for you that works?

Sexual Seduction Tool # 2 - Try New Things in The Bedroom

Another great way to make sure she's having fun in bed is to mix things up. Variety promises excitement so why not give it to her?

Try different positions. Besides the normal positions like missionary and cowgirl why not play around and make some up together? If you try new things and keep an eye on how she's enjoying sex you'll both find her new favorite position. ;-)

Introduce new things to the bedroom. No you don't have to bring animals. Instead bring

• foods and drinks

• blindfolds and ropes

• new music (I recommend Enigma and Vanessa Daou)

These are just a few ideas. Introduce them one at a time and you'll make sex much more enjoyable.

Last longer occasionally. Rather than simply lasting as long as possible I recommend mixing it up. Sometimes try to last a few hours. Take breaks. Sometimes go for a quickie.

The magic sentence for her pleasure is - Keep her guessing!

Speaking of giving her pleasant surprises...

Sexual Seduction #3 - Seduce Her OUTSIDE The Bedroom

Telling your Korean girlfriend how sexy she is in the bedroom is nice. Whispering to her how sexy she is at a restaurant is much more sexy…

If you can tell her how much you want her sexually in places where it's inappropriate for her to get horny then she'll love you more! The tension will get her even more lustful for you.

Did I mention how most guys in her life have never done that yet? ;-)

Make sexual jokes! If you can use double speak or sexual jokes during your conversations with her you'll get her laughing and horny. What a great mix of feelings a woman can feel for you!

For example the next time you're drinking a coffee together you can joke by saying in a sensual voice "mmm sometimes it feels so good to have something so HOT inside me. Wouldn't you agree?" ;-)

Sure this is corny but it works. It gets her laughing and wanting you there and then. The best part is she's loving it!

For more on how to have sexual talks click on the link.

Sexual Seduction Tip # 4 - Make Sure She Says "Thank You"

This might be controversial but it's very important. Society makes us believe that ONLY men should be grateful for women for giving them sex.

That sex is something women do for us men.

This is a bad myth.
In reality we both enjoy sex but here's the kicker - women get to enjoy it 1000 times more!

For us men the sexual lust lasts a short time and we're made to finish in a few minutes.

Not so for women.

Women can enjoy those lustful feelings a lot longer and more powerfully.

They also can orgasm in more ways that men can.

If you can make her feel so good in bed and get her to say 'thank you' then you know she's enjoying it.

THEN you know that you're doing a good job.

If she's having qualms with saying "thank you" then refer to tip #1. ;-)

NOTE: this isn't about showing how 'cool' you are and how she owes you something. It's about giving her the chance to surrender herself sexually and thanking you for bringing her there safely and...pleasurably.

Pleasure her in ways that her ex-boyfriends never even knew about!

Can YOU Sexually Seduce Her?

These tips are guaranteed to make a Korean woman (or any woman) stick around for more. You'll have influence over her in a way that most men will not.

Granted do you have the mindset and sexual maturity to do these things? Do you accept your own sexuality?
I know for me that I used to associate 'sex' with 'shame'. It wasn't until I read Without Embarrassment that I was able to transform myself to a sex-enjoying and giving man. If you're the same way I recommend clicking on the link above.

ANYONE Can Improve Their Sexual Seduction Skills!

When I first started I was not particularly good with women in bed.
What worked for me was the material from the 'Art & Science of Sex Seminar' that RedpoleQ teaches. If you want to boost your skills in the bedroom then I recommend checking it out by clicking on the link.

In any case just have fun with these tips. She sure will! ;-)

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