Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Is A Korean Wife Different?

How Is A Korean Wife Different?

Fancy a Korean wife for some mystical reason? ;-)
Korean women are among the most beautiful and mysterious women in the world.

That doesn't mean that we can't find some generalizations to help us know if we really want to have a wife from Korea.

So how are Korean wives different?

What sets them apart?

Thankfully my married friends and I have found some practical commonalities.

First off if you love East Asian women, then why would you want a Korean wife? Why not a Chinese or Japanese wife instead?

Discover What Makes Korean Wives Different

From what I've noticed during my 5 years in Korea - I found that Korean women are a spicier.  Japanese wives have a reputation of being more quiet and subservient for the family (it's a cultural thing.)
Chinese wives have a reputation of being tenacious but unsophisticated (barring those living in the international cities like Shanghai and Hong Kong because they're brought up in a more developed place.)

I even heard that some Chinese women don't shave their armpits and worse! This is because most of China is just starting to become what the West would consider 'civilized'. 

Get a better understanding with these generalizations.  Just remember that they are generalizations and that everyone is different.  That being said Korean wives are a happy medium between their Chinese and Japanese counterparts.  Granted they whine more! ;-)

What You Can Expect From Your Korean Wife

They look good!  The latest generation of potential Korean wives take good care of themselves!  Even in their thirties and forties they look stunning and you feel good being with one.

They serve you and the family.  Koreans in general value the family.  A typical Korean wife will do her best to make sure that you and your children are well taken care for. 

They follow your lead and are flexible.  They're looking for a man to lead the family.  They generally don't test you to see "if you're man enough".  You can rest assured that she's assume you're man enough already and will let you lead.  Granted if you don't do a good job then that's another story!

These are some of the more positive things.  You can also expect some experiences that might not please you.

Rest easy - things are more enjoyable than you might think.  In fact you can discover the dispelled myths about Korean wives by clicking on the link.

Things You'll Have To Accept

Your marriage is a union of two families.  Those families are:  You and your Korean wife's, and your wife's relatives. ;-)

Expect her parents to have a say.  Also expect for them to summon you to help them.

For example a married friend of mine said that he had to pay for his wife's uncle's bad business investment. 

You can expect a lot of Korean food!  If she does know how to cook you can expect Korean food.  So if you like having rice and kimchi served at every meal then good for you! If you miss your mother's cooking and a good Western dish then you'll have to make the effort to teach her.

Granted there are a lot of delicious Korean dishes like bimbimbap and teok-guk. :)

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